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Parra Air Max 1 and Zoom Spiridon Relase Date

 When Parra Air Max 1 and Zoom Spiridon Release?
Release Date:July 21 

It started with a simple but high-pressure question: “How could I do something that has not already been done?” From there, other stresses revealed themselves to Piet Parra, the multidisciplinary Dutch artist who was beginning his latest collaborative Air Max 1 project with Nike. Who is the audience today? What risks can be taken? Where should the work be a little conservative? How do you balance the interests of multigenerational enthusiasts?

The pressure he was feeling is understandable. Parra is responsible for several of the most coveted Air Max 1 colorways in history (2005’s Brownstone/Blue Reef-Dark Oak version, for example) and it has been almost a decade since the last one dropped. “There are two people who sit on your shoulder and watch what you’re doing all the time. One says, ‘The collector is going to like this,’” he explains. “And then the opposite, which queries: ‘How does somebody who is 17 or 18 years old — with no idea about what I did before — how are they going to look at this?’”
Since his last Air Max 1 with Nike in 2009, Parra’s work has shifted from the typographical humor he was once known for toward an experiment with abstract compositions. He transitioned from working as an illustrator/designer to focusing more on painting and gallery exhibition.
If the first of Parra’s works with Nike were on what were known as City Packs, this current collaboration could be defined as a revival of that spirit — with both idea and opportunity expanded. This is reflected in the flat representation of city and countryside that forms a pattern that was applied to both the Air Max 1 and the Zoom Spiridon.
“I made a drawing first and then thought, ‘How can I get a shoe to be involved in this piece?’” he says. “Back in the day, I was thinking color blocking. I didn’t think about that this time. I just wanted to make cool work and then see how the shoe can relate to it.”
So, what else is new then?
Most evidently, Parra’s F&F version of the Air Max 1 withholds the shoe’s lateral Swoosh. “I remember back in day, you would take a little knife and remove the side graphic,” he says. “It freed up that panel to incorporate the cloud that’s in it now. But I was also very — and still am —very afraid what people will think of it. It does change the shoe visually.”
While the risk opened up possibility, it also instilled in Parra a new confidence in pushing collaborative boundaries. “In some weird way, I feel freer now than earlier in my career,” he notes.

On the retail version of the Air Max 1 and Zoom Spiridon, Parra’s pattern is expanded across the silhouettes — both carry a blue Swoosh — and his signature appears, as on F&F releases of old, on the forefoot. The fun twist is that the two shoes reveal the signature placement’s origin. “The Spiridon has that little Swoosh on the front. The first time saw that I thought, ‘That’s perfect. You put your little logo there,’” Parra remembers.

The collection is rounded out by a tracksuit, which also carries Parra’s new pattern, and effectively celebrates the role of each piece (the two sneakers and the garments) in Dutch street culture.

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The Nike KD11, with its combination of React and Zoom, had me all up in my feels.
Traction in the KD11 was decent at best. It’s no KD9 honeycomb traction (which was amazing), and due to the tight grooves, dust collected quickly which caused more frequent wipes. The outsole consistency over the few years of Kevin Durant’s signature line has been quite disappointing — especially coming from previously great models — unless you have access to a pristine college/NBA court.

One redeeming quality of the outsole is that if you use the shoe outdoors, it plays really well. Unfortunately, long-term durability of the outsole outdoors is unlikely.
Cushion was on point in the KD11, once broken in. The React midsole is placed inside a rubber cupsole while the 7mm thick top-loaded full-length Zoom Air unit sits above the React. The combination provides an awesome amount of impact protection. Upon landing on rebounds and hard first steps I felt ample feedback that launched me right into my next motion. For those who require more cushion (especially those with back and knee problems), this is definitely a plus.

Another year, another Flyknit shoe, which is generally never a bad thing. The uppers of the KD line have been modified over the years to make the shoe feel more sock-like. With some suede backing along the heel counter, TPU at the lateral side, and React and Zoom Air cushion caged by a full rubber cupsole, you’d think you’re paying for a premium shoe.
The combination of the materials used on the KD 11 appears to be geared to Durant’s narrow foot and this shoe should cater to those who want their footwear to feel the same way. We’ll discuss that more in the next section, however, the materials utilized are well-thought out — just not well-executed.
While I do have slightly wide feet, the shoe actually fit me true to size, although people with different foot shapes should try the KD 11 on.

Once I got rolling on the court I was not locked in. You don’t feel quite as locked in because, again, the shoe is catered to the way Kevin Durant likes to lace up his shoes (which is slightly loose). I think if Nike strategically knitted areas of the shoe tighter, like at the midfoot, I wouldn’t have felt my foot shifting inside the shoe as I did much while in movement. You might not have this experience (which I hope you don’t), but be forewarned because the knit material does stretch out over time.

NOPE! Just nope! While the fit wasn’t totally a deal breaker, the overall support is. Knowing that the upper material will eventually stretch out, the one thing that kills me is that my foot wouldn’t stay on the footbed of the shoe.

I have no idea how to pull off the cuts Durant makes on his right to left cross-over pull-up move when I don’t feel like my foot is directly in the KD11. If you’re just running up and down the court without making any lateral cuts or movements (which is totally unheard of) then you’d be just some guy or gal running for no apparent reason. The amount of torque and movement I exerted in the shoe — while not feeling locked in — made me second and triple guess every move I made, which no player should have to deal with.

When my feet got pushed forward in the shoe the stretchy knit upper could not keep me contained and thus, the heel counter did not lock me in properly. I would expect a more exaggerated outrigger, and although an outrigger is present, the high ride and stretchy upper had me coming out of the shoe. For others, it could lead to a rolled ankle, or *knock on wood*, something worse. In the KD11 it seems containment was an afterthought.
If Nike had implemented a more tightly knitted midfoot, an exaggerated lateral outrigger, or sat the wearer within the midsole, most of these hazards would have been avoided.
I wanted to love the KD11. While I had bad experiences with the KD9 (Zoom popped) and the KD10 (lacing loops ripped), I didn’t want to give up on the KD signature line. The safety of this shoe is what is keeping me away from it.

While the materials and cushioning used here are nice, I don’t see how this shoe made it through wear-testing. I understand the shoe is catered to Kevin Durant, but we all know KD dislikes changing shoes — especially ones he’s broken in — and not all consumers have narrow feet like KD. Innovation shouldn’t come at a cost, and the KD11 seems to be the prime example of that.

Trust me, I want the shoe to succeed, not only for us WearTesters but also for all you consumers out there. Will I be looking forward to the KD12? Possibly, as long as I keep my expectations low, but we all know father-time doesn’t wait for anyone.

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Nike KD 11 “Paranoid” & Nike KD 11 “Still KD” Introduced

Nike KD 11 “Paranoid”
Release Date: 06/18/18
Style #: AO2605-900
Nike KD 11 “Still KD”
Release Date: 07/18/18
Style #: AO2604-004

Following his back-to-back NBA Championship,Nike has finally decided to officially unveil the latest signature model Nike KD 11 of the now two-time NBA champion. The shoe is described as California casual. Or simply acknowledge it as the ultimate merger of laid-back chill shoe and performance basketball equipment.
For KD’s 11th signature sneaker, designer Leo Chang focused on Durant’s preference for comfort and love for runners like the Flyknit Trainer and Epic React when he’s away from the court. A “broken-in” Flyknit upper provides a sock-like fit, while React foam and full-length Zoom Air in the midsole provide additional cushioning.

For the tooling, we’ve created a perfect balance of plush ride and bounce
said Chang.
This doesn’t always happen; it really needs two materials to make it work
The cushioning is housed by a rubber cup sole. Chang also says the thickness of the cushion used is taller than what is traditionally used in basketball silhouettes to cater specifically to Durant’s preferences. Also runner inspired is the ankle collar, which comes from KD’s love for the Air Sock Racer.
From a cosmetic perspective, the KD 11 will debut in the “Paranoid” colorway on June 18 that features a blue Flyknit upper and volt hits on the ankle collar, midsole, and branding. That will be followed up by the black-and-white “Still KD” iteration on June 25 globally and July 17 in North America.

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July 2018 Air Jordan release dates

Check out all of the July 2018 Air Jordan release dates you need to know about below.

Air Jordan 32 ‘Finale’
Release Date: 07/01/2018
Style #: AA1253-105
Price: $185

Air Jordan 3 Retro ‘Quai 54’
Release Date: 07/07/2018
Style #: AT9195-001
Price: $190

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG ‘He Got Game’
Release Date: 07/07/2018
Style #: 555088-401
Price: $160

Air Jordan 5 GS ‘Light Aqua’
Release Date: 07/14/2018
Style #: 440892-100
Price: $140

Air Jordan Legacy 312 ‘Air Tech Challenge’
Release Date: 07/14/2018
Style #: AQ4160-108
Price: $160

Air Jordan Legacy 312 ‘Command Force’
Release Date: 07/14/2018
Style #: AQ4160-107
Price: $160

Air Jordan Legacy 312 ‘Air Trainer 3’
Release Date: 07/14/2018
Style #: AQ4160-140
Price: $160

Air Jordan Legacy 312 ‘Storm Blue’
Release Date: 07/14/2018
Style #: AQ4160-104
Price: $160

Air Jordan Legacy 312 ‘Ghost Green’
Release Date: 07/14/2018
Style #: AQ4160-301
Price: $160

Air Jordan 10 Retro ‘Cement’
Release Date: 07/21/2018
Style #: 310805-062
Price: $190